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You Don’t Have To Settle For Print Or E-Book

Gregory Cancryn CEO of Firebrand Publishing says E-Books are the way for authors to earn.  No warehousing, shipping, upfront print run costs, or returns.  Your customer sees your book and instantly buys it.  But many authors still want print available, for sale, signature book shows, and friends and family.  So POD!!!  Editing, Illustrations, Formatting, Copywriting, Publishing, Advertising and Promotion.  You don’t have to look for these service individually, when we have them available under one roof.


Cynthia D’Alba:

Today, I read an article in Publisher Weekly that we may be seeing print no longer being the norm even for the big publishers. The pressure on the author and the publisher to get books out faster is changing how our industry works.  With the digital revolution, authors were given direct access to the reader via online stores such as Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Nobles, etc. Writers could hire the most professional editors, the best cover artists, format the book themselves or hire that done, and publish their work to these online stores ready to be purchased by the reader. No driving around with books in the trunk of the car to sell.