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Great sites you may not know about


Spreeder – An online speed reading website. It trains you to read faster than you do now. A great llittle site. especially if you have a lot of reading to do for school, or work.







full documentary

Full documentary –  Full documentaries streaming. Learn about a wide variety of subjects. Discover new things.







10MinuteMail – Do you need a quick throw away email address to gain access to a website or from a website that requires you give them your email for what ever reason. use this website and they will give you access to an email address for 10 minutes.






mytrashmailMy Trash Mail – Everybody hates spam emails. My Trash Mail is a free spam blocker and it features an email service that protects your personal email address from getting spammed.









Guerilla Mail –  This is just like 10minutemail.com but lasts for 1 hour.




9eyes9-Eyes – This site features an amazing collection of Google street view photos, both disturbing and breathtaking.




giphyGiphy – A gif search engine. Love this.







fakenamegeneratorFake Name Generator – Generate names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, occupations, UPS tracking numbers, and more with this cool name generating application.


tldrToo Long, Didn’t Read – Top novels in 180 characters or less.




nicestplaceThe Nicest Place on the Internet – Having a rough day that only a hug can smoothen out? This is the place you can go for internet hugs.















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