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How to Self-Publish or Create an Audiobook


Firebrand will produce your audiobook, with the customer option to purchase the e-book read along.  Time is money.  Use your time wisely.  Write your next book.  The professionals at Firebrand will complete production.


The audiobook industry is starting to undergo dramatic shifts in their content delivery methods and major publishing companies are now investing millions of dollars into expensive productions. The entire audiobook industry is currently worth around 1.6 billion dollars and that figure should climb further. The main reason? Audio book producers have been increasing their output. 13,255 titles came out in 2012, up from 4,602 in 2009. Self-Published authors now have many viable options available to produce and distribute an audiobook. Today, we look at a few different companies that make branching out from strict eBook production into a world of audio.