Independent bookstores and self-published authors are increasingly teaming up


Independent bookstores and self-published authors are increasingly teaming up 1Until recently, most indies didn’t carry [self-published books], viewing these titles as less well designed and well edited than their traditionally published counterparts,” PW writer Judith Rosen wrote.

But now self-published books have gotten better in quality, says Rosen, and California’s Lyon Books owner Heather Lyon told Publishers Weekly that working with authors in the area, no matter how they released their work, “is what has made it possible for us to compete with Barnes & Noble and Amazon.”

As for indie stores and self-published authors working together, stores are trying out various strategies beyond just stocking self-released works. Lyon founded the Chico Authors and Publishers Society, which meets at Lyon Books and which offers prospective writers tips on working with agents but also on how to self-publish a book using the Amazon tool CreateSpace.

Meanwhile, some indies even have their own publishing imprint, such as RiverRun Bookstore (located in New Hampshire and Maine). RiverRun Bookstore’s imprint Piscataqua Press releases writers’ work and the Book House owner Susan Novotny of Albany created her own publishing company titled Troy Bookmakers. When an author releases their book through Troy Bookmakers, they can then have a book-signing event at the Book House.


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