Introducing Firebrand Publishing New Affiliate Program for Bloggers, publishing professionals and authors | Firebrand Publishing

 Firebrand Publishing, a boutique book publisher, has one of the easiest, fun affiliate programs available today. If you are an author, blogger, information marketer, entrepreneur or publishing professional, this program is for you.

Firebrand Publishing has made their affiliates’ job easy by creating popular publishing packages for authors that ensure high quality author services such as:

affiliate-banner Join our Book Publishing Affiliate Program*Complete ebook Publishing Package

*Book Blurb writing

*Book Interior Formatting & Conversion

*Copy editing





*Professional Cover Design

*…and Authors Receive 100% Royalties

By adhering to these superior standards and services, Firebrand Publishing positions its affiliates to make a substantial income during the tenure of their affiliate partnership.

Some, but not all the advantages for affiliates are:

*20% Commission On All Sales

*Minimum $179.00 Earnings Per Complete Publishing Package

*No Cap On Affiliate Income

*Affiliate Program Works By Author Referrals

*100% Money Back Guarantee

Just as Firebrand Publishing provides exceptional customer service to its authors, the same brand of excellence is extended to their affiliates.

The process includes:

*Free to Join

*Easy Sign Up

*All Marketing and Graphics Provided

*Training and Content Provided if Needed

*Weekly Hangout Sessions to: Network with other affiliates Exchange/compare notes with other affiliate,s Q&A

Despite all these revenue producing devices, there are even greater things on the horizon such as the author PR and Marketing programs.

Though they are not backed by multi-million dollar corporations with unlimited reach, Firebrand Publishing still provides the best publishing packages for authors which translates into more profits for the publisher, their authors and their affiliates.   Becoming a

Firebrand Publishing affiliate will be one of the best decisions you make in 2014. Your partnership with Firebrand Publishing can make you a money magnet with unlimited income potential—add the free training, easy sign-up and weekly networking with other affiliates, then you’ve got a deal that can’t be beat! Sign up today, you’ll be glad you did…and so will your wallet!