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Know Your Game Plan Before You Jump Into Professional Writing

Even if you’ve edited your book 10 times, it’s best to have another set of eyes look it over.  All the best writers do it.  Your book is everything to you.  Make sure your work is correct and presented at it’s very best.  We have editors to help with everything from grammar to sequencing to illustrations, and marketing.

In business, we talk about having a business plan in place. The same for writing. There are a ton of questions you need to have answers for and a clear idea how to achieve these before you even think about making the jump. Sure, you have a great story, but this is now a product you are marketing to consumers.

Consider just a few:

  • You have one story but what about maintaining that career and keeping up with the demand of your readers?
  • How are you advertising? Do you have the $$ to support web design, PR and so forth?
  • Have you developed a new daily time line to include the business side with the creative side?
  • Where do you see yourself, realistically, in 1, 2, 5, 10 yrs?