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Know Your Genre, Know What You Write

The first order of business is for your book to be a professional work.  People are going to spend their money on your book, so it must be a professional work.  It’s very important for you to, for instance, to know how to categorize your book.

Know your genre.  If you don’t know what you’re writing, how can you create a world that is believable?  For instance, if you don’t know that science fiction and fantasy are two completely separate genres, how will your story make sense?  (There is no such thing as “science fiction/fantasy”.  A story is either one or the other. There is such a thing as “science fantasy”, which incorporates elements of both.  But, again, it’s a separate genre, and you need to know it if you want to write it.)
Know, also, that “YA” and “MG” are not genres.  They are categories.  And within each category, there is a wide realm of genres, from contemporary to mystery to fantasy to historical.  If you are calling your story simply “YA” or “MG”, that tells me right up front that you don’t know what you’re writing.

Firebrand Publishing will make sure your book is professional, properly categorized and ready for sale.