Make your site visitors stay


How To Publish And Market Your Book Blog

Make your site visitors stay

Marketing your books yourself is an intricate part of an Independent Author’s life. A large part of what we, as self-publishing writers, do is building an online community by creating our imagesown website, blog and social media profiles. For most of us, this can be a tricky venture because, truth be said, we would rather simply spend those extra hours everyday writing and perfecting our manuscripts than selling ourselves to the internet world.

But, marketing is our books’ lifeblood. Hence, we spend time mastering the art and technology of online marketing, engage like crazy and reach out as much as we can. We hit bumps and experience a series of trials and errors but we still keep moving forward because, hey, we have so much faith in our literary brilliance and we utterly believe that the world deserves to read our books.

All that being said, it would be great to know a few tips and tricks on making our website visitors really read our content and perhaps even share them for others to enjoy.  Here is a collection of tips for enticing website visitors to stay, read, share and even become regular readers.

  1. Update your content regularly –  Content is King, believe it or not. People click on your site because they are looking for something new to read so you have to deliver that to them on a consistent basis. It doesn’t matter how much you have on your plate, how many things you juggle every single day and how much you wish there is more than twenty four hours in a day so you could do more. You just have to do it. Find the time to write content that would benefit your readers and create a regular schedule that you can keep. It could be three times a week, or five days a week, or twice a week – it’s your call, but stick to it and make sure that you let your readers know how often and on which days of the week are your posts being published. On days you have more time to write, write like crazy and reserve your articles for future posts or save them on your dashboard’s Drafts section or to make it all the more easier, schedule them to go out on those days you’re supposed to have new content up on your site. Easy peasy.


  1. Make sure your site is easy to navigate – Remember the three second rule? Or five second rule? Or whatever. But that is quite applicable on your website, too. When people land on your pages, you only have a very short internet minute window to entice your visitors to stay so make sure that once people arrive at your website’s doorstep, they are welcomed warmly by a page that is easy on the eyes, user-friendly and clutter-free.  Some websites, especially those of romance authors, have music on auto-play. I suggest that you remove the auto-play setting and give your site visitors the choice on whether they want to hear the music or not. Use clear and rightly-sized fonts, use color combinations on your design that is clean and avoid loud graphics. Make sure that your navigation buttons are easily located and make sure that all the links are working, especially ‘Call to Action’ links, contact forms, subscription forms and downloadable resources.


  1. Provide clear information – Your online profile is basically your readers’ way of finding more about you. It is expected that your website contains information about what you do, from what part of the globe you come from and so on. Make sure that you have this information available by having a bio page on your site. It will also be great if you provide information about your books. Give your descriptions careful thought and consideration, make sure that they convey your message clearly.

There you have it, folks! Three tips on what you can do to make your website an enticing place on the web to visit. On our next post, we will talk about how you can convert your visitors into sales, so watch out for that. Meanwhile, if you have some tips and tricks up your sleeve that hasn’t been mentioned on this post, please feel free to share by using the comment box below. We would love to hear from you!

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