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Blurb Copywriting | Firebrand Publishing

Blurb Copywriting



Excited by your book cover, your potential reader scans your blurb hoping your book is what they are looking for. This is your opportunity to hook them and close the sale.

Let the professionals at Firebrand Publishing create a well crafted blurb to close the sale.

But you are a writer, an author of course you  and write your own blurb.

Ok, we’ll wait here while you fight to boil down the blood sweat and tears of over 50K words into 2 paragraphs.

We’ll wait….

Look, we know you can do it, you wrote an entire book for Pete’s sake, but the time and effort it will take to convey your book into a “sales-y” fashion could be time spent writing more books.

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Leave your reader wanting more with a well crafted blurb. A blurb is your book description or summary of your book.

Blurb Sales Copywriting

A well crafted blurb pulls your target reader in and gets them to buy your book.

  • Professional copywriter will entice your readers by revealing what your book is about, without revealing what happens.
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Deliver blurb + Cover designs in pdf, text and html for your website as well as your marketing material
  • Expertly formatted for all online stores.



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