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Book Interior Formatting & Conversion | Firebrand Publishing

Book Interior Formatting & Conversion


Professional Inteior Formatting & ebook Conversion

Hand format your book and review it line by line to ensure quality.

Include pictures, Dropcaps graphs and more to create a unique reading experience for your readers.

Formatting tested on different devices to insure everything works.

Convert your formatted book to .epub, .mobi, .pdf. These formats will work for your website, Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobel, Kobo, Google play bookstore and any retailer that accepts .epub

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The professional quality of your book does not end at the cover.

Nothing kills a reading experience like a book riddled with extra spaces, additional characters and unruly margins.

Great formatting adds to your book, but also disappears to your reader. It’s one of those things that people notice only when done wrong.

Don’t Be noticed for the wrong thing. Get professional Interior formatting and conversion for your book.


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