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The Hall Monitor By Jasmine Williams


The McGrittle Files: The Hall Monitor is an exciting new detective children’s chapter book series from a promising new author Jasmine Williams. At only twelve years old, Jasmine Williams has created a story early readers and children ages 8 – 10 years old will relate to.

Daisy has always wanted to be in law enforcement like her Mom, and Dad.
It is in her blood.

When she get’s the chance to be a Hall Monitor, it’s like a dream come true.

With a big sister that makes fun of her, classmates and teachers who won’t respect her “hall monitor” authority and a case to solve, being Hall monitor is much harder and stressful than Daisy ever thought it would be.

Follow Daisy on her journey as she solves the case and learn the importance of family and learning to work through obstacles.

About the Author

Jasmine Williams, who is currently living in Killeen, Texas is a 13 thirteenyear- old author who began writing short stories specifically, at the age of 10. Like most her age, she enjoys hobbies such as reading, writing, dancing, and swimming. While attending school, her passions for reading and writing were further fueled, and it wasn’t long before she began to notice the uniqueness of the gift she possessed. In the same manner, the characters in Jasmine’s books reflect the same singularity; it is her hope to inspire other children to embrace their own unique personalities.

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