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Essential Publishing Kit

Complete ebook production for Authors & Publishers.

Publish your book, without the hassle and hard work of finding a publisher or doing it yourself. Firebrand Publishing removes the barrier of publishing your own book. We are your personal publishing company, for your books.

Our flagship product, the Essential Publishing Kit includes EVERYTHING you need and want to publish your book. All without lifting a finger!

  •   100% Royalties.
  •  Print your own book. Publish ebooks.
  •  Personal Service. Awesome Guaranteed.
  •  100% No Risk Double Guarantee.


1. Consultation
A one on one consultation with your personal publishing manager. We’ll discuss your book, your vision and publishing goals.We’ll also go over the publishing schedule of your book and preferences for your book cover, graphics, blurbs and retailers where you want your book sold. You’ll fall in love with your published book because it will be even better than you thought it would be. Professionals will work for you to make your book awesome!

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2. Great Book Cover

A great book cover design is the most important selling tool for your book.

Professional High Resolution ebook design


  • 3 Initial design concepts so you can see your story from different angle’s and choose the best one.
  • Unlimited Revisions because we want to make sure you are absolutely happy with your book cover.
  • Stock images/illustrations included because we have no hidden fees.
  • 3D image of your book so you can use it in your marketing material and website.

You’ll make a great first impression with a book cover from Firebrand Publishing.

Premium Book Cover

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3. Blurb

A blurb is the book description or summary of your book. It should grab your readers attention and let them know what they can expect, without giving too much away. It’s all about balance.

Our professional copywriters craft compelling and engaging blurbs to entice your readers and get them to press “buy now” and buy your book.

Firebrand Publishing will write a blurbs your readers will respond to.

Blurbs that will connect with your readers!

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4. Editing

Readers will not accept a book filled with spelling or grammatical errors. The essential publishing kit includes full copy-editing & proofreading.

Your editor will edit your manuscript and fix every spelling and grammatical error found. Your editor will line edit using Microsoft track changes because we want to make sure you keep in control of your work. You have the power to accept all, some or no changes the editor makes.

Rest assured you will get a complete and professional error free book.

Don't get embarrassed. Proofreading Included!

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5. ISBN Number

We issue an ISBN for your book. An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the universal identification number used by retailers to catalog your book. Your book is issued a unique ISBN number from Firebrand Publishing.


  • Listing of your book’s information with bowker. Bowker is the organization that organizes and issues ISBN numbers.
  • A Copy of your book cover and blurb is sent to bowker because that information is picked up by retailers around the world.

Official Book ID

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6. Book Layout

We hand format your book and review them line by line to ensure quality. Include pictures, drop caps, graphs and more at no additional cost.

Then, your book is converted into .epub and .mobi.

.epub formating is compatible with the majority of ebook retailers.

.mobi formatting is compatible with the kindle and book store.

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7. Copyright
Copyright your book with the US Copyright department. Protect your work with a legal and verifiable instrument.

Don't Worry, Copyright

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8. Distribution

Once complete, your professionally produced book is distributed to retailers world wide.

Retailers, Barnes & Nobel, Kobo, Apple ibookstore and many many more.

You're Worldwide

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9. 100% Royalties

It is simple. If you’ve made the investment in your success, by financing the publishing of your book, you should reap the financial rewards of your investment. ALL of the financial rewards.

You own the book, the story, all rights to the work in all formats, and you should own the royalties. ALL of it.

At Firebrand, we pay 100%  royalties. Money earned from each sales channel is paid to you.

Your responsibility is to set your retail price. We help you analyze the market to help you set the best price for your book. You don’t want to set your price too high, and lose sales or set your price too low and have readers undervalue your book.

At Firebrand Publishing our experienced staff will help you set the best price for your book. If a price you set is not producing the desired results, you can change it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Essential Publishing Kit?

The essential publishing kit is an all inclusive ebook publishing package. It contains the minimal essentials needed to successfully publish an ebook. The entry level price point gives you the option to add additional services as you see fit.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

At Firebrand Publishing, we go out of our way to make you happy with the production of your book. We make sure you are happy with each section of the book publishing cycle before we move on. If you do not like what is done, we will tweak it as many times until we get it right. If we cannot publish your book the way you want us to, we will refund your money. At Firebrand, we offer a full and comprehensive refund policy.

Can I add more services to the essential publishing kit?

Firebrand Publishing offers a-la-carte pricing for each service. Please contact us for specific pricing.

Is editing extra?

No it is not. The essential publishing kit includes proofreading/copyediting. If you require developmental editing (story arc, character development, motivation development) you can purchase our Elite editing addon.

What do authors say about the Essential Publishing Kit?

Fantastic. Everything you need to publish your book. You won’t have to lift a finger, plus I’ve already made the cost back in royalties!

Carrie T. Ballister

I don’t have to spend all the time it takes to format my books. People don’t understand how long the process is when doing it yourself. I’m so happy there is a service that does this all for me and I get to keep all of my royalties.

Michael Willamston

This cuts my publishing time from six plus months to under 6 weeks. I’m able to get my books on the shelf so much faster. I can also write more books because I don’t have to spend the time tinkering with book covers or formatting.

Randy Anderson

Self Publishing your book yourself feels like doing a full gut remodel on your bathroom and have no idea where to start. Now, I don’t have to worry about it. The essential kit has paid for itself three times over already.

$895 Essential Publishing Kit

Everything you need for a hassle free publishing experience.

100% Money Back Guarantee so there is no risk.

Fast, hassle free book publishing.

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