Question: self-pubishing


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Question: self-pubishing

Question: self-pubishing

It’s not a question of self-publishing  and being bogged down in production.  It is not easy to acquire the expertise to self publish your book.  It is time consuming, and requires knowledge and professional handling of each step in the process.

“There’s a reason publishing is an industry and that’s because it generally produces better books, and books more people want to read than one person working alone.  If that wasn’t true, publishing would have died centuries ago.  Writers mostly don’t want to design books, or write flap copy or book themselves on Jerry Springer. They want to be left alone to write. They want it so much they’re willing to give up a significant portion of proceeds from the sale of their book to do so. Publishers add value to what a writer does, but a writer also pays for the benefit of not doing everything him/herself.

If anything, the mail I get shows that authors who self-published realized it’s a helluva lot harder than the nostrum salespeople told ’em and they’d like to get back to the tried and true way of leaping in over the transom.”

Firebrand Publishing will enable you to “leap over the transom” and publish your book professionally.  So go on and continue to write, and Firebrand Publishing will complete production, make your book available worldwide,  and publicize your book.


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