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Self Publishing Costs

Look, you can waste your valuable time, trying to become technically proficient enough to self publish your book with a minimum of vendor services.  However, you’ll be ignoring even the most basic of  prerequisites that all the successful professional writers do.  You really must have an editor lend their eyes to your book.  It’s an imperative step in your ability to produce your best work.  Cover art fabrication is another very important part of your book.  Having a great cover, professionally done, is of the utmost importance.  The cover is your first point of contact and must be professional.  Skimping on your cover and doing it yourself, or trusting your cover to inexperienced technical vendors is a big mistake.  Trust your book and all it’s facets to the professionals at Firebrand Publishing.  You’ll have a professional well done book, and you’ll save money, and increase your sales!!!