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firebrand-e1347252306445Self Publishing And E-Book Consumption Gains Momentum

Self Publishing is the way to make sure your work is published.  No waiting for someone to tell you if they’ll let you publish.  E-Books and POD are the answers to meeting the demand for your book, without the need for huge front end investment, storage, and shipping procedures.  I think it’s good to be able to provide both print and e-book versions to your readers.  What do you think?


In a 2013 nationally representative survey of 2,000 adults, Simba found about 8.4% of adults had purchased at least one print self-published book, while close to 6% purchased digital. The figures are significant as the divide between print and digital book consumption across the board is much greater; according to “Trade Electronic Book Publishing 2013,” paperback print books have about three times as many buyers as digital books. But with self publishing, the rush to digital is much faster.