Welcome to a new publishing era!


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Welcome to a new publishing era!

2715ae75be477a012496e6e0cf3c0c4fWhen EL James shot to fame, thanks to her 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, the publishing industry was taken by an unexpected storm. James did not use a Literary Agent nor did she publish traditionally. EL James risked self-publishing and much to the chagrin of publishing titans, sold over 70 million copies (and still counting?). No matter what book reviewers, readers and the rest of the book industry says, EL James’ 50 Shades of Grey ended an era and paved the way for a new one.

Suffice it to say, James is the current epitome’ of a nobody who became a somebody – a dream that aspiring authors each have – without riding on the popularity of big-named publishing houses and without the help of an agent. What’s even more delightful about James’ rise to fame is that she did not have to share her profits with anyone. It’s all hers for the taking. So now, she is one of those authors that aspiring writers/novelists crave to emulate.

Which brings the question: Is traditional publishing dead?

Not at all. EL James propelled agents and publishing companies to the direction of hunting potential bestsellers in the Indie department. Her success opened doors for the sea of independent authors who have, for years, been banging on their doors. Self-publishing is, in fact, providing a healthy competition in the industry. Therefore, traditional publishing is not dead. It is very much alive, more vibrant than it has ever been.

Moreover, self-publishing is benefiting the reading public, the choice for good reads is growing by the day. Book production costs have gone down and book sales are climbing. Big named authors are still able to demand higher prices and the eBook market is flourishing no matter if self-published or traditionally published. Win-win.

It is indeed a great time to self-publish. It is the new golden era for the publishing industry, thanks to innovations in technology for allowing independent writers to publish their works themselves and for providing a balanced eco-system to the industry.

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