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When A Writer Becomes A Target

When A Writer Becomes A Target

Putting your ideas, your most intimate thoughts, and your personality “out there” can make you very nervous.  Not only do authors seek acceptance, or dare I say, even appreciation for their book, more often than not, the author will expose their emotions to even the most unexplained criticism.  Mean words that cut like a knife can really have a negative effect.  Sometimes it pays to have good experienced people in your corner, that will assist and truly support you through negative comments or publicity.


You will offer up your words to strangers, and not everyone will like what you write. You’ll be naked and vulnerable in front of the world. You’ll make mistakes, you may offend people. And you may not feel safe.  They will misinterpret what you’ve written, they will assign motives, and they’ll make judgments about you as a human being.



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