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You Don’t Have To Say Yes

You Don’t Have To Say Yes

No you don’t.  You can always wait wait wait.  In a couple of years maybe one of the bigs’  will make you an e-book no advance offer that places the burden of the promotion for sales squarely on your shoulders.  This type of arrangement is more and more common.   I say publish with Firebrand, earn 100% royalties, and let us do your promotion.

For example, you have a book that maybe you pitched to a publisher and they turn around and offer a digital only contract. You have now gone from advance plus royalties to no advance and the chance of making 33% (or so) on sales with no advance. You now have to consider if the time you spend writing that book, and then all of the uber-marketing you will have to do to make those sales, will be worth it. Could that time be better spent on continuing to focus on selling that book to another publisher,


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