The beginning can sometimes be the most challenging part, but here’s a huge help for you!


Whether you are writing your first book, or even trying to write one of your next books, these tips in this guest post from bestselling author Kim Lambert will help you to get that book outlined and written fast.

So – you’ve decided that you want to write fiction, you sit down at the computer, all ready to start…. And…… you realize that you don’t know how to.  You write a bit, but all of those amazing story ideas that you had, yesterday, as you were driving home in the traffic, they all seem to have fled. Your mind is outstandingly empty.

What do you do?


Instead, follow these 5 simple steps, and you will have a completed story, in 30 days or less! (if you really get into it, and lock yourself away for the weekend, it could be done in as little as a few days)

Step One – Realize these 4 key things

Step Two – let’s start to capture your story!  Write down the answers to the following

Step Three – And now to start the actual writing!

Step Four – keeping writing until it’s done.

Step Five – Now you polish it!


Format for wherever you want to publish, put a gorgeous cover on it, and publish.

It’s not hard unless you think it’s hard…..  That doesn’t mean that you will suddenly be a really good writer – your writing will still improve, every time you write – you will keep learning new things, and getting better at creating characters, and good story structures, but it does mean that you will be a published writer, that your work will be out there, for all to see, and to encourage you to keep writing.

Kim Lambert is a 9 times Amazon Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Photographer, Writing and Publishing Coach, and a Travel Writer, with more than 10 books published to date. Find her on Amazon here. She is also the owner of a publishing company which publishes books for a variety of authors, and also works with other large publishing companies to enhance and update their current catalogues for digital book delivery.

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