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Why Firebrand Publishing

Who We Are

Firebrand Publishing Your Book Publishing Studio

Firebrand Publishing is a full service self publishing and marketing company for authors. We specialize in producing professional self-published books for our author clients.

We are a group of talented people united in the success of our authors. We understand it can be difficult getting a book published, whichever path you choose. At Firebrand Publishing we make it easy and fun.

Technology has changed everything! With e-readers, tablets, laptops, computers and smartphones, how the public reads has moved digital. For those that want to have a print edition of their book, technology has drastically reduced the cost of printing your book.

After the initial excitement of choosing to publish your own book, you realize all the steps necessary to publish a quality book.

It can seem daunting, but it should not stop you from taking part in the exciting world of self publishing. That’s where we come in!

For Every author we work with

We Guarantee:

Professional guidance to bring your book to life

We offer quality, professional services for the independent publisher. We give you the same tools and expertise major publishers use.


We respect your vision and message

We promise to:

  • Make publishing your book fun & exciting.
  • Provide exceptional service & advice.
  • Only recommend the products that fit your goals & book.
  • Provide professional quality work you can be proud of.
  • Operate with Integrity-We do what we say we will do.
  • Be on your side. Be your advocate.
  • WOW you!
We go above and beyond to guarantee you get a superior book

If you don’t love your book, you get your money back. We will work until we make you happy. Our no fuss money-back guarantee protects you and your investment.

Why we do what we do


We exist to help purpose driven individuals who want to share their unique perspective with the world, without losing control of their message publish their books. Firebrand Publishing is a comprehensive publishing company. We offer a one stop shop to take your book from word document to a published author.

why firebrand publishing

We Know How Much Effort You Put in your Book

FireBrand is here to eliminate these problems. We understand your book is your baby. You’ve put everything into it, and your book project.


Best Service

Your book requires the very best service, professional applications handling, and personal attention from a company that cares about your success. 

We are a company grounded in service and integrity. By partnering with us, you automatically give your book and your writing career the very best in publishing and promotion quality available.


Our Reputation

We’re continuing to build on that service model, and our reputation for excellence and integrity with every author we publish.

Testimonials from our clients

We Provide Exceptional Personal Service To All Of Our Clients

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