tips for planning your novel

5 Tips for Planning Your Novel | Book Marketing Tools Blog

Planning to write a novel? Or maybe you’re in the middle of one? Perhaps you are aiming at finishing one soon? READ THIS! __________________ My ...

pros and cons of self-publishing

The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing | Book Marketing Tools Blog

If you want a guided on deciding whether you should self-publish or not, here’s a good way of looking at BOTH sides of the pros and cons in self...

The real cost of self-publishing a book

How Much Does It Cost To Self-Publish a Book?

This is a very informative article for writers who want to know the real cost of self-publishing… ______________________________ Updated: Octobe...

what is it and how to write it

Book Logline: What It Is & How To Write It | Book Marketing Tools Blog

In this guest post, author Joan Reeves shares the difference between a logline and a tagline for book marketing, and some great tips on how to write a...

dream slave

New Book Release: Dream Slave by Max Cross

A chilling story that keeps you wondering, what’s real and what’s just a ‘dream’? A young college freshman wakes up with a ...

have fun writing

Have Fun Writing and Readers Will Enjoy Reading It | Book Marketing Tools Blog

An interesting article we thought our readers would find valuable. *** I’ve written numerous spec features for newspapers and magazines in various cou...

professor encourages social activism in art

Professor uses his book publishing company to encourage social activism in art

Lars Mueller’s publishing company has released over 600 books. Most of the books center around the artistic disciplines he enjoys the most: visual art...

Monthly planner

The Author Monthly Planner: A Freebie to Organize Your Writing and Marketing Life — Self Publishing Team

A helpful article we found for our authors *** My house is a mess. We’re stuck in this cycle where, for at least one week every month, one member of o...

book marketing and social media

Book Marketing, Social Media, and Talking to Strangers – City Book Review

I’m here today to go against that which your mother, pastor, and crossing guard advised. These wise people kept you safe with the adage: never talk to...

Power play

New Book Release: Power Play By KayAnna Kirby

An exciting and sizzling standalone steamy romance that will make you blush and your toes curl. Paxton Anderson Jr, a billionaire Real Estate Tyco...

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