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Honor: The Signet Of The Prophetic Voice


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We live in a culture that lacks Honor and Integrity. Without Honor, we will continue the cycles of rebellion and disregard for one another.

As Believers, it is our job to change that.

Our generation is in need of authenticity, transparency, and integrity from the leaders of this generation. No longer will “do what I say and not what I do” concepts be tolerated. It’s our time as a body to display this in action, and in deeds. We must interrupt the world system norms, with kingdom initiatives, principals, and agendas.

Honor: Kingdom Currency, Prophetic Perspective is dedicated to restoring the Honor among us. Through my journey I’ve learned to live my life with true Honor and Integrity.

Through Honor, God gave me beauty for ashes, and restored to me the years that the enemy thought he took. He anointed my head with oil and my cup is running over, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, because I will allow honor to have a continual voice in my life.

And so can you.

Experience the transformational change of living through Honor and Integrity.

What is Honor saying about you?


eBook, Paperback


Janice Watts


Firebrand Publishing


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Editorial Review

The author Janice Watts supplies an in-depth analysis of various aspects of Honor often glossed over in other books. Some of the areas explored include the effects of dishonor. " The spirit of Dishonor comes to rob you of what you have been assigned rulership over." Along with solid biblical teaching, I was taken on a  journey of spiritual, emotional and practical wisdom.- Benjamin Williams

Honor is an absolute treasure of a book! Each and every chapter is engrossing and well written — and the lessons Janice teaches throughout are, as the title indicates, "Honor,"  to the reader. I was deeply touched by Janice Watts biblical insight, as well as, the wise counsel that she imparts in each lesson. This book would make a lovely and meaningful Christmas present for anyone special in your life and it's very reasonably priced too. I highly recommend it! – Jasmine Elaine

Janice Watts Honor is an inspirational and rewarding guide to biblical principles of Honor. This clever hands-on approach gives readers steps and tools that enable them to understand how dishonor can plague your life. Through relatable experiences, scriptures, thought-provoking questions, and stirring points, Janice welcomes her audience to the joy of finding Honor in everything and brings awareness to the simple ways we can continually keep Honor. It is refreshing and reassuring to know that we can still have a life complete with love through honor, regardless of life’s interruptions. – Jokia Williams