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Jasmine Jones is Lost in Paris


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I can not believe this is my life.

I am on an enviable trip to Paris, the city of lights with the love of my life …

OK, my crush that I’ve known all my life, but my annoying little brothers are messing everything up.

“Jasmine and Paxton sitting in ‘da tree …” ugh, if I hear that one time, I’m going to lose it.

On top of that, my parents are blaming me for everything!

It’s not my fault they picked the absolute worst babysitter in all of Paris to watch us, so they can have date night.

Now it’s up to me to fix it, or else …. I can not even think of or else ….

But, first I have to find my way back to my hotel, because I am …



eBook, Paperback


Amy M. Cancryn


Firebrand Publishing


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