The world of marketing and promotion has changed

Traditional promotion is becoming less and less effective. Social media outreach is becoming harder and more expensive to reach your audience. With over 1 billion blogs on the internet, standing out is getting harder and harder to make a difference. There needs to be a shift. If you publish your book, you can be at the forefront.

Stand out from the crowd

Build trust with your audience

Publishing a book will help you stand out from the crowd while building trust. Others will take you more seriously as a published author.

Gain respect

Publishing a book will help you gain respect from your peers and your customers. As a published author, your expertise becomes respected.

Build your reputation & credibility

Publishing a book builds your reputation as a trusted source for information on the subject of your book.

Book more clients at higher rates

Publishing a book reduces the trust barrier when booking new clients. As a published author, your clients will believe you are an expert in your field and will believe you can help them.

You don't need permission to become a published author

You no longer have to prove your worth to a gate keeper to publish your book. Your readers or customers will become the deciding factor whether your book has value.

Publishers publish books that suit their purposes and bottom line. You now have the freedom to publish your own book that suits your purpose and your bottom line.

High quality professionally published books

This book, your book, your ticket to the front of the line will stand up against any New York Times Bestseller. This means your published book from Firebrand Publishing will be of high quality and professional.

Experts to professionally publish your book

Firebrand Publishing has the best professionals to bring your book to life. You are not alone. Your personalized project manager works with you through the entire process of publishing your book. We guide you, but will never take over your work. Furthermore, you don't have to become a graphic designer, editor, typesetter and conversion specialist to be able to publish your book.

100% Royalties for every book sold

You never have to worry about using our independent publishing services AND only getting paid a percentage of your sales. NO WAY! For every single book you sell, you will receive 100% of your profits (Royalties). It's your book, your earnings.
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