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How It Works

How To Get Published 4 simple steps

1. Choose Publishing Package

Have a quick chat with a publishing consultant about your unique manuscript. Then, choose the publishing package will work best for your book.

2. Submit Manuscript

Send us your manuscript via email or upload your manuscript to your personal author portal account.

3. Approve Production

Approve your editing, book cover, formatting, etc. If you need any changes, let us know and we will produce your book to your specifications.

4. Launch. You´re Published.

Once you approve each aspect of producing your book. We work together to launch your book.

What We Do 4 simple steps

1. Consultation

Each book publishing project is unique. That’s why we take the time to find out what you want to accomplish by publishing your book. By focusing on your goals, we can deliver your published book that stays true to your message.

A one-on-one consultation with your personal publishing manager. We’ll discuss your book, your vision and publishing goals.We’ll also go over the publishing schedule of your book and preferences for your book cover, graphics, blurbs and retailers where you want your book sold. 

You’ll fall in love with your published book because it will be even better than you thought it would be. Professionals will work for you to make your book outstanding!

Research & Strategy

To stay focused on your goals, we evaluate your book project and recommend the best methods for you to reach your audience. This includes book cover graphics, book descriptions and book category listings that will get attention from your unique audience.

Book Production

We crank up the Firebrand Machine

We crank up the Firebrand machine. Your Project Manager (P3) coordinates work between our professional cover designers, editors, and administrative staff to produce a professional book. After every milestone, you determine whether we move on to the next step. If you want to change anything, let your P3 know, and it shall be done. Once you approve the complete production of your book, it is put up for sale by retailers around the world.Book production services from experienced professionals. From book editing to marketing professionals, we guarantee a professionally published book.

Book Publishing Steps

  1. Editing–to correct any errors.
  2. Copyediting–to correct spelling and grammar.
  3. Typesetting–to choose the best font and layout for your book.
  4. Formatting–to convert your book to different formats ready for sale.
  5. Graphic Design –to create the cover art for your book cover and advertising.
  6. Distribution–to distribute your finished book to retailers.
  7. Marketing–to advertise and market your book to readers.
  8. … and more
Launch & Marketing

We work with you to create a book launch plan to get your published book out into the world. Your book has been published and is now available for sale around the world. You receive 100% royalties from the sale of your book. You will continue to market your book to readers. We will show you how or do it for you.