To shine light on the dark corners of her community, she had to tell her story.


Childhood sexual abuse is never talked about openly. Instead, it’s buried and hidden among family secrets. However, for the children who experience the abuse, the effects never leave.

Through bravery and strength, our client wrote her story so she could not only face her own trauma, but also help others who are suffering the same effects.


Firebrand Publishing’s goal was to help our client tell her story without changing her voice, while editing her book with clarity and professionalism.

Book Cover and copy that encompassed the essence of her story.

Creative & flawless execution with a sense of urgency & focus on results is how I’d describe the Firebrand Publishing team.

Mikal CEO - Global Marketing


Every little girl dreams of being a Princess, she just wanted her Mommy and for the boys to stop making her do “stuff” to “satisfy” them.

Finding Anna is a gripping first-hand account of a child who survives the horror of sexual abuse and abandonment by those tasked to care for her, in a society that turns a blind eye to sexual abuse.

A love-child, unwittingly passed on from one caretaker to the next, eventually ends up being abandoned and left in the care of her philandering father’s family. She discovers the painful reality that life can be cruel.

Trish, a child struggles to understand why she was abandoned by her own mother and tries to deal with the trauma of being sexually abused by various family members.

Can Trish, now an adult heal from the pain of a childhood, tormented by the rape of her mind, body and soul?

“Finding Anna is a story that exposes the stark, ugly truths about being abused and abandoned. Child sexual abuse is a social issue that chooses no race, religion, culture and gender, and those who are lucky to survive it carry the welts and wounds deep into their souls for a lifetime.

My country in South East Asia has one of the highest child sexual abuse cases. Unfortunately, the government is doing little to raise awareness and create child protection programs to safeguard children from predators.My goal is to reach as many readers as possible and inspire survivors to come out in the open and advocate against child sexual abuse.”

–Trish Kaye LLeone