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A collection of Book Marketing Ideas that will help you reach your target readers and sell more books ">

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A collection of Book Marketing Ideas that will help you reach your target readers and sell more books

Bookstagram: How To Use Instagram for Authors Part 1

For authors, one of the best platforms to maintain an active profile on, is Instagram.

Ask any author, and they’ll same the same thing. Writing your book is the easy part. Marketing and selling your book is one of the hardest aspects of being an Author.


The reasons vary. But it mainly comes down to “know-how”. Many Authors don’t know the first think about Marketing and what it takes to do market research, market positioning and sales..

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New Author Checklist: How To Create An Email Address

As a new author, there are many tasks to complete during the writing and publishing phases of your book. One that should not be overlooked is creating a dedicated Email address for your Author persona.

Even if you are not using a pen name, it is best practice to create a new email address for your Author Profiles separate from your work or personal email address.

There are many options to create an email address. You can start with google, gmail to create your new address.

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You Don’t Need Social Media For Sales

One of our authors who’s book is currently in production called very nervously.  She wanted to know if I thought her book would sell .  She wanted to make sure her Facebook page was configured right, and had spent the entire last two days doing  just that.  I work very hard to make sure that the books I promote are a priority.  I use internet and social media, but as an “old time” marketer, I still believe in the tried and true.


Alright, so advertising and pestering your friends to join your fan page isn’t necessarily going to lead to enough sales to offset the time and money you invested. How do you actually get some real traction with your book? Here is what I’ve found works great! –

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Marketing Monday: Targeting Book Clubs

Have you ever considered targeting book clubs in your marketing efforts? Book clubs constantly need materials to keep their members engaged around a central discussion theme. Engaging book clubs can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • a) You only have to approach one or two people to get your book in the hands of multiple readers who are most likely to tell others outside of the club about your book.
  • b) Your book will become a topic for discussion across book clubs and book reader organizations. How cool is that?
  • c) You get a chance to build relationships with a future fan base.

How can you get your book in the hands of book clubs? First, using the search engine, look for book clubs within your area and for a wider reach you can also target online book clubs. Organize your list on a spreadsheet so you can track down your activities because there is a big possibility that your list will grow as the months pass, thanks to referrals. Speaking of which, don’t forget to inquire about other book clubs that you can get in touch with.

Once you’ve got your list organized, prepare a letter or an email to send to the club organizer or leader. Consider this as a pitch, you have to convince your target audience that your book is worth their time. What is your book about? Why do you think your story would be a great book topic for their club? If your story presents questions and issues relevant to current life issues, you have a great chance of getting selected as book topic. Emphasize on these thought-provoking aspects of your book.

If you are a self-published author, you have full control of your book’s price so you can easily give discounts for group purchases. If you are traditionally published, you can probably discuss the possibility of offering the discount with your publisher. Who doesn’t love a bargain? I know I do.

Be pro-active all throughout. If a book club congregates near your area, you can arrange with the organizer to do an appearance and participate in the discussions. For online book clubs, sign up and jump into the conversations. It pays to let them know that you are interested in what the book club members have to say about the story. Furthermore, you can ask for suggestions on your future releases. Relationships are two-way streets, they give you something you would benefit from and vice versa. Nourish these relationships and you never know how far it would take you in the future. Remember that this is most likely not the only story you will be writing.

Lastly, remember that list of clubs you painstakingly collected and organized? Another way to grow that list is by sharing it with other authors. They probably know of other book clubs that you don’t and you know of some that they don’t know about. Organize an “Authors Helping Authors” campaign, pass on the list to other authors with the requirement that each author the list is passed on to, they have to add to the list.




Avoid pitfalls and get your book reviewed


However, the challenge remains in getting  a book reviewed. With so many books abound, it may be difficult to find people who would have the time to do a book review. But then, just like the rest of the common issues writers are facing today in terms of marketing and winning a solid, loyal fan base, Firebrand Publishing gathered a few tips on how you can avoid the pitfalls and getting your book in the hands of reviewers.

1. Your cover – It’s an old marketing technique. The cover speaks for your book’s quality in a five-second window. Hence, if your cover is nothing but a whiplash of imagery not carefully thought over and cheaply splashed and made into a book jacket, you’re well on your road to being ignored. Just as your have poured your heart and soul into your manuscript, so should you in creating your book cover.

2. Marketing is not an overnight thing – You knew you are going to release a book and you believe that your story is great. You’ve known about this months ahead of your book launch date and yet, you failed to give potential book reviewers and beta-readers advance notice. Granted they are your considered loyalists, remember that they have other things to do than wait for your book to be ready. They have lives too, you know. Start reaching out to your potential reviewers weeks ahead, a good four weeks advance notice should be good.

3. Follow up – So you’ve sent emails six to four weeks prior to notify your target reviewers about your book. Excellent! But you did not get any response or perhaps you did but was told to write them back a few weeks later. Hey, do it. Pencil that in on your calendar and make sure that you follow up. Again, readers, bloggers and beta-readers tend to be caught up in a flurry of activities life throws their way so be realistic in your expectations as well and follow up with them.

4. Geo-targetting – Spend some time on research, it can take you to places. Know your audience – location, gender, age bracket, etc. prior to sending out a review copy to a bunch of people who may not even be your target market. Pitching to the wrong crowd definitely won’t make you any sales, lest a book review so it pays to make sure you know who you need to talk to and who are most likely to fall in love with your story.

5.  Go public – Create an online buzz, make sure your online presence can be felt, be socially and publicly active. Bring in some noise. Jump into conversations online and let your voice be heard. Be a leader or an authority in your genre. Share, impart your knowledge and gather people around you until you are able to build a tribe where you are the chief. Again, tread lightly in the beginning by making sure you are mixing yourself up with the right crowd.

There you go! Get your book reviewed, avoid the pitfalls and be a shining success!

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