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Self Publishing Resources to help you publish your book

How Authors Can Benefit From Amazon Pay Per Click

Amazon’s new feature for authors and publishers, PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising, is here and new authors are testing the waters to know if it is worth the money or not.

An account that is enrolled in Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select, can have access to Amazon’s Ad Campaigns.

Meaning, authors, and publishers are given the opportunity to advertise their books on popular and best-selling Amazon book pages that are somewhat related to theirs. Making it a great opportunity to be seen by more readers.

Since our primary goal in advertising is to hit sales, Amazon’s new PPC is probably doing what it’s supposed to do for authors and publishers.


Well, simply put, they display your book ad onto popular Amazon book pages, and you can expect to sell more books than before thanks to the increased exposure at the right page with the right audiences.

This is great news for self-published authors since this entails a big marketing boost. A wonderful break for Indie authors indeed because they can now advertise their ebooks on Amazon with this new pay-per-click campaign.


To take advantage of Amazon PPC (Pay per click advertising), your books have to be exclusive to Kindle.

How? It should be enrolled in KDP Select. Aside from that, there is a minimum campaign budget of $100.

Before Amazon’s PPC, Amazon promoted and still promotes books for free in a via the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…” section, of book sales pages.

To be honest, this may be a free service, but it was never that useful in increasing the sales because

  1. It was not very visible from the display screen.
  2. It was usually at the bottom part of the page and needed a little bit of scrolling down before it could be seen.
  3. You had no control if or where your book would show up.


This new advertising deal means self-publishers can really take serious promotions into their own hands.


Are you excited to give PPC a chance?

Here’s a simplified guide on how to set up and kickstart your new advertising scheme:

1. From your KDP Bookshelf, click on the new option “Promote & Advertise” under the KDP Select column.

2. On the next page, click on “Create an Ad Campaign” under the “Run an Ad Campaign” box.

3. Choose which book to advertise.
4. Choose whether to target your ad by product or interest.

(You can also choose not to target a campaign at all, which, I would imagine, involves an ad being shown largely at random- not recommended).

Tip: Choosing “By Product” means your ad will be shown to customers interested in selected and similar products. Choosing “By Interest” means the ad will be displayed to people interested in selected categories.

5. Set up your campaign name, bid and, budget. At this point, Amazon will display the average bid, which generally ranges from $0.52-063. The minimum budget that can be selected is $100.
(Don’t worry though, you don’t have to pay out the total budget upfront. You can opt to be charged periodically in small increments as the campaign runs. Nice, right?)

6. Set the campaign start and end date. Then pick an appropriate pacing option, you can choose to either deliver the campaign as quickly as possible or allow Amazon to spread out the campaign smoothly.

7. A preview of the ad will then be generated using the book’s cover, title, and price, in the same style as most of the book ads on Amazon.

8. Select a payment option.

9. Submit the campaign for review.


During the campaign period of the ad, you are only charged by Amazon when a customer actually CLICKS your ad, NOT when an ad is displayed but not clicked. More or less, people who will click your ad are interested in your book, thus increasing your chances of selling more books.

So what happens when people click your ad?

People who click your ad will be taken to your book’s “Product Details” page where they can see more descriptions of your new book, thatwill most like grab their curiosity and will hopefully ONE-CLICK BUY your book.

Self Publishing Checklist

New Author Self Publishing Checklist

Becoming a self-published author means that you’re now in charge of writing, designing, printing and marketing your book. By being an independent author, you will not have the luxury of having a publisher or book agent handle all the nitty gritty on your behalf.

Self-published authors are proactive and keep all the wheels spinning by using a self publishing checklist, because they know that if they skip just one point on the checklist, it could affect the schedule, timeline and end results of publishing their book.

As a writer, it’s easy to get carried away by the excitement of publishing your own book. So you should use this new author publishing checklist so that you don’t end up playing a catch-up game during the self publishing process.

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Best Writing Apps To Help You Finally Finish Your Book in 2018

The Best Writing Apps to hep you finally finish your book in 2018

Once upon a time, you would gather a ream of paper. Sit down, in a comfy chair looking out at your garden as the sun shone through your office window. You would carefully place a piece of blank paper into your typewriter, position it in the right spot, adjust and start writing.

For over 100 years, that’s how writers wrote their manuscripts.

But, things have changed, it’s 2018.

You no longer need to bang away at noisy keys, probably waking the neighbors, or getting your fingers dirty with ink, leaving a trail wherever you go (inky fingers 🙂 ).

Now, you can turn on your computer, go online and write to your heart’s content.

Like everything else, you have choices. Not only am I going to show you free online writing apps to get your manuscript out of your head and into reality, but also, online editing tools, title generators and tools to jump start your muse with content ideas.

Let’s start at the beginning. You cannot write, if you have nothing to write about.

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Why It’s Important To Tell Your Own Stories


Books have been offering history, knowledge, inspiration and entertainment to readers for thousands of years.

But, take a look at 99% of books published throughout history. Are they telling your story? Do they tell the story of your ancestors? Your Culture?Books are special because they carry the history of a people, or culture through time. However, what happens when only a selected few stories are told, by a select few cultures.

Thousands of stories are lost to time. Never to be heard of or seen again.

The epic love stories….gone!
The brave warriors….lost!

The Children’s characters….non existent!

One of the most basic functions of stories is to teach. We use stories to quickly and easily learn facts, but stories also teach us how to be.

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New Author Checklist: How To Create An Email Address

As a new author, there are many tasks to complete during the writing and publishing phases of your book. One that should not be overlooked is creating a dedicated Email address for your Author persona.

Even if you are not using a pen name, it is best practice to create a new email address for your Author Profiles separate from your work or personal email address.

There are many options to create an email address. You can start with google, gmail to create your new address.

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How To Create A Book Trailer In Less Than 10 Minutes

Watch me create a book trailer using Rocketium Online Video Editor.

Get Rocketium here: with a short time insane promotion of $49.00 for lifetime access instead of paying up to $49.00 every month for access.

If you want to publish your own book:

Putting together a video in less than 10 minutes is a daunting task.

Well, at least it used to be. Not anymore.

Meet Rocketium.

Rocketium is online software that uses images, clips, audio, and articles to help you create videos freakishly fast.

With a simple interface, everyone, from beginners (and we do mean beginners) to experts, will be able to take part in the Rocketium fun. But you’re not just creating videos stylishly and quickly, you’re creating videos efficiently.

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Question: self-pubishing

Question: self-pubishing

It’s not a question of self-publishing  and being bogged down in production.  It is not easy to acquire the expertise to self publish your book.  It is time consuming, and requires knowledge and professional handling of each step in the process.

“There’s a reason publishing is an industry and that’s because it generally produces better books, and books more people want to read than one person working alone.  If that wasn’t true, publishing would have died centuries ago.  Writers mostly don’t want to design books, or write flap copy or book themselves on Jerry Springer. They want to be left alone to write. They want it so much they’re willing to give up a significant portion of proceeds from the sale of their book to do so. Publishers add value to what a writer does, but a writer also pays for the benefit of not doing everything him/herself.

If anything, the mail I get shows that authors who self-published realized it’s a helluva lot harder than the nostrum salespeople told ’em and they’d like to get back to the tried and true way of leaping in over the transom.”

Firebrand Publishing will enable you to “leap over the transom” and publish your book professionally.  So go on and continue to write, and Firebrand Publishing will complete production, make your book available worldwide,  and publicize your book.


How to Self-Publish or Create an Audiobook

How to Self-Publish or Create an Audiobook


Firebrand will produce your audiobook, with the customer option to purchase the e-book read along.  Time is money.  Use your time wisely.  Write your next book.  The professionals at Firebrand will complete production.


The audiobook industry is starting to undergo dramatic shifts in their content delivery methods and major publishing companies are now investing millions of dollars into expensive productions. The entire audiobook industry is currently worth around 1.6 billion dollars and that figure should climb further. The main reason? Audio book producers have been increasing their output. 13,255 titles came out in 2012, up from 4,602 in 2009. Self-Published authors now have many viable options available to produce and distribute an audiobook. Today, we look at a few different companies that make branching out from strict eBook production into a world of audio.

Self-Publishing: The Myth and the Reality

Self-Publishing: The Myth and the Reality

Come to Firebrand Publishing, your one stop publisher for editing, formatting, copyrighting, and marketing of your  book.

There was a time–and not all that long ago–when self-publishing was considered nothing short of blasphemy. So-called “vanity houses” would, for a price, produce your book. The costs varied, depending on the length, whether the work had photos or illustrations; a book of poetry or a novel would run about $5,000–$7,500. For that, an author got his work edited, copy edited, proofread, designed, and cover artwork was supplied. The author got, for his investment, 100 complimentary copies and promises of promotion, advertising, and marketing. Review copies were duly sent out to print and all media outlets for consideration. Sounded great, looked good on paper. Authors had dreams of fame and glory and riches and of being on Oprah. Sure, a small percentage of vanity house authors who just wanted a book to give out to friends and relatives and had no illusions. Which was fine. Unfortunately, 99% of these self-published authors either didn’t read or didn’t understand the small print and few, if any, understood how the publishing business worked.

Publishers still exist for many reasons, the most important being the editorial relationship that develops between the editor and the author. Writing can be a very lonely business. A good editor works closely with the author to help shape the story, serve as a sounding board, pep the author up when necessary and pull him down if the author goes too over the top. During the writing process, an editor serves as a father-confessor and cheerleader. Once the book is ready to go, the publisher gets behind it with marketing and publicity efforts, and has already given the book the best cover and cover copy that money can buy. The publisher’s money, not the author’s.


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