Choose from a suite of book publishing services that can be tailored to your unique goals. Why choose Us?

We offer quality, professional services for the independent publisher. We give you the same tools and expertise major publishers utilize.

We promise to:

  • Make the process of publishing your book fun & exciting.
  • Provide exceptional service & advice.
  • Only recommend the products that fit your goals & book.
  • Provide professional quality work you can be proud of.
  • Operate with Integrity-We do what we say we will do.
  • Be on your side. Be your advocate.
  • WOW you!

If you don’t love your book you get your money back. We will work until we make you happy. Our no fuss money back guarantee protects you and your investment.

Self Publishing your book yourself feels like doing a full gut remodel on your bathroom and then having no idea what to do next. Now, I don’t have to worry about it. Working with Firebrand Publishing, I’ve finally published my book. My clients love it!

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Services we provide

EVERYTHING you need and want to publish your book. All without lifting a finger!

Self Publishing Packages

Complete Book Publishing
  • Editing
  • Book cover design
  • Interior Book design
  • Book formatting
  • Conversions
  • ISBN
  • Distribution. Print & eBook
  • Book Launch
  • Marketing

Children's book Publishing

Publishing Packages Include Illustrations
  • Custom children’s book illustrations
  • Publishing
  • Formatting
  • Distribution

Book Marketing Services

Build Your Author Platform
  • Author platform building
  • Author marketing services
  • Author websites
  • Author newsletter
  • setup and maintenance
  • Book launch

Features Of Working With Firebrand Publishing

We can customize a unique package for your book. However, all clients will enjoy the following base services.

Your Publishing Control Center

Stay abreast of every detail in the publishing of your book. Take your seat at the virtual cockpit and direct all activity. With Firebrand’s author portal, you are able to:

  • Upload manuscripts.
  • Track the progress of your book in the publishing process.
  • Track the progress of your marketing programs.
  • Communicate with your P3(Personal Publishing professional).
  • Make changes to your book or package.
  • Approve work done on your manuscript.
  • View sales reports.
  • View orders.
  • Track orders.
  • and more……

With the author portal, you are in total control of your manuscript from submission onward. A simple and  powerful system to keep you connected.

Make A Great First Impression

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

In publishing, that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. The first thing readers do, is judge a book by it’s cover. That’s why your cover has to deliver.

At Firebrand Publishing we create stunning covers designed to pull your target audience in. Our designers work with you until you are happy with the “face” of your book.

Our designers turn your ideas and the essence of your book into a gorgeous cover you will be proud of. When placed on the shelf, your book will stand out from the crowd. Whether fiction or non-fiction, hardcover, softcover or e-book, firebrand publishing’s cover design service get’s you noticed.

Makes A Good Book Great

Readers will not accept a book filled with spelling or grammatical errors.

Your editor will edit your manuscript and fix every spelling and grammatical error found. Your editor will line edit using Microsoft track changes because we want to make sure you keep in control of your work. You have the power to accept all, some or no changes the editor makes.

Rest assured you will get a complete and professional error free book.

View Editing Service

Beautiful, Inside & Out

The professional quality of your book does not end at the cover.

We provide professional self publishing typesetting/interior formatting for your book. Choose from Fonts, decorations, drop caps and more.

No one wants to read a badly formatted book. A badly formatted book takes the reader out of your story and reduces their enjoyment. Great formatting adds to your book, but also disappears to the reader. It’s one of those things that people notice only when done wrong.

Once the production cycle begins, we will get detailed information on how you want your book to look. You can choose from fonts, dropcaps, decorations, pictures, maps, or anything else that will enhance your book.

A Proof Of Your Book

See exactly how your book will look with an electronic proof. An e-proof is a pdf file of your book. This is exactly how the book will look when completed. An electronic proof can be used to approve the final stage of the publishing process.

Your Book In Digital Formats

Firebrand Publishing will convert your manuscript from microsoft word, or rtl, and turn it into a professional ebook format.

We guarantee a professional ebook conversion that will work and look great on the amazon kindle, B&N nook, Apple ipad, iphone, Android phone and tablets as well as PCs and Macs.

Once your ebook conversion is complete, we distribute your book to the largest eBook retailers in the world, including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Google Play, and niche ebook websites specific to your genre.

Your Book ID

An ISBN—which stands for International Standard Book Number—is the standard ID number for your book. This number is used and standardized across all industry channels such as online stores, book stores wholesalers and catalogs. The ISBN number tracks your book sales and pertinent information about your book and story. It also lists the publisher of record. An ISBN number is needed to sell your book at most retailers.

Firebrand Publishing will issue ISBN’s for your book by default. However, you can provide your own. If you choose to use your own ISBN, you are essentially acting as your own publisher, with us performing the production of your book. You can use your ISBN number to be the publisher of record.

Show Me The Money

It is simple. If you’ve made the investment in your success, by financing the publishing of your book, you should reap the financial rewards of your investment. ALL of the financial rewards.

You own the book, the story, all rights to the work in all formats, and you should own the royalties. ALL of it.

At Firebrand, we pay 100% royalties. Money earned from each sales channel is paid to you.

Your responsibility is to set your retail price. We help you analyze the market to help you set the best price for your book. You don’t want to set your price too high, and lose sales or set your price too low and have readers undervalue your book.

At Firebrand Publishing our experienced staff will help you set the best price for your book. If a price you set is not producing the desired results, we can change it. With you at the helm, your book cannot go wrong.

The amount of coaches, consultants and business professionals who have a website, blog and social media presence.

TThe amount of coaches, consultants and business professionals who have written and published a book.

You need a new approach to getting attention, growing your audience and increasing your authority. That’s where we come in. Firebrand Publishing helps you publish your book in 90 days so you can fulfill your purpose without compromising your message.

FREE Consultation

Each book publishing project is unique. That’s why we take the time to find out what you want to accomplish by Publishing your book. By focusing on your goals, we can deliver your published book that stays true to your message.

A one on one consultation with your personal publishing manager. We’ll discuss your book, your vision and publishing goals.We’ll also go over the publishing schedule of your book and preferences for your book cover, graphics, blurbs and retailers where you want your book sold. You’ll fall in love with your published book because it will be even better than you thought it would be. Professionals will work for you to make your book awesome!

Research & strategy

To stay focused on your goals, we evaluate your book project and recommend the best methods for you to reach your audience. This includes, book cover graphics, book descriptions and book category listings that will get you attention from your unique audience.


We crank up the Firebrand Machine

We crank up the Firebrand machine. Your Project Manager (P3) coordinates work between our professional cover designers, editors, and administrative staff to produce a professional book. After every milestone in the process, you determine whether we move on to the next step. If you want to change anything, let your P3 know, and it shall be done. Once you approve the complete production of your book, it is put up for sale by retailers around the world.Book production services from experienced professionals. From book editing to marketing professionals, we guarantee a professionally published book.

Book Publishing Steps

  1. Editing – to correct any errors.
  2. Copyediting – to correct spelling and grammar.
  3. Typesetting – to choose the best font and layout for your book.
  4. Formatting – to convert your book to different formats ready for sale.
  5. Graphic Design  – to create the cover art for your book cover and advertising.
  6. Distribution – to distribute your finished book to retailers.
  7. Marketing – to advertise and market your book to readers.
  8. …and more

Launch & Marketing

We work with you to create a book launch plan to get your published book out into the world. Your book has been published and is now available for sale around the world. You receive 100% royalties from the sale of your book. You will continue to market your book to readers. We will show you how, or do it for you.

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