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Enter to WIN a complete Book Publishing Package with a full author website



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Enter to win a full publishing package from Firebrand Publishing.Do you have a book you want to publish? Are you confused about how to publish your book?You have come to the right place.

If you win this book publishing sweepstakes, you can become a published author and see your book available for sale all over the world, without spending a dime or giving up 90% of profits by going with a traditional publisher.

This premium prize package includes everything you need to publish a great book.

  • Fantastic Book Cover
  • editing
  • layout and conversion
  • blurb copy writing
  • distribution
  • and more.

But, that’s not all. Firebrand Publishing will also create a stunning author website for you. With your website and an attached blog, you can build your tribe of readers who will support you. Your website is your cockpit where you direct your writing career.

Win the Book Publishing with author website sweepstakes from Firebrand and EVERYTHING will be done for you.
Absolutely awesome!

Not only will Firebrand Publishing publish your book, you receive 100% Royalties, because that’s the kind of publisher we are 🙂 We’re cool like that!

So, try your luck and enter to win!

Good Luck!

p.s if this does not apply to you, but know someone this will benefit let them know, share it with them. You can help someone fulfill a life long dream. You can help a friend or family member achieve a goal they thought were unattainable.

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Startup removing the barrier of publishing for authors


(Press Release) – Jul. 9, 2013 – Alpharetta – Self-publishing isn’t quite the panacea many writers thought it would be. Many authors turned to self-publishing for the higher royalties and creative control of their work. Many authors found the traditional publishing route long, and archaic without taking advantage of the progress technology has done for the industry. Self-publishing seemed so much easier, and faster.

Unfortunately, a lot of these writers found out it was difficult to publish books. You have a lot to think about – proofreading, layout, cover design, ISBN acquisition, marketing, distribution, designing a website and social media. Then, who has time to write?
Firebrand Publishing began on the premise that writers are writers and publishers are publishers. That doesn’t mean they can’t work together.It is possible to control your work, while still letting the experts do what they do best. Why spend your time learning a new skill that will just take you away from doing the work you enjoy doing the most?Firebrand Publishing CEO Gregory Cancryn put it this way:

“As authors know, it’s nearly impossible to make the effort necessary to write your book, publish it, promote yourself and your book, and do all necessary follow up during the marketing and sales process. Firebrand is here to help you accomplish all of the publishing and marketing aspects of selling your book. This allows you to do what you want. Write your next book or sequel.”

What Firebrand Publishing Does For Self-Publishing Authors

Writers can become self-published authors through Firebrand Publishing and receive the following services in one of the company’s four unique publishing packages:

E-book conversion
ISBN acquisition
Book formatting
Editing and proofreading services
Cover design
Worldwide distribution
Print publishing
Website design
Book trailer production
Newsletter services
Virtual book tour management
Social media marketing
Independent reviews
And much more

Through the Firebrand Publishing Author Portal, writers can see the entire publishing process as it takes place and follow the development of their book from beginning to published.
Making Publishing A Piece Of Cake

E-books are outselling print books. They’ve become the writer’s best opportunity for success. Yet, print books still sell. As self-publisher, you keep 100% of the royalties. With Firebrand Publishing, you can let publishing and marketing experts take care of the details while you write your next book.
Firebrand Publishing offers a full and comprehensive money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, they’ll refund all of your money.

— End —


Hope Learns To Jump Rope by Amy Cancryn

Next Week Firebrand Publishing will announce the release of  Hope Learns To Jump Rope.  Amy Cancryn’s newest children’s book is FANTASTIC.  I have a hard cover copy in my office, and the illustration is beautiful, and the story is a very feel good one.  I’m going to publish a link for this author on a website that Firebrand built for her.

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