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Why we started

Firebrand Publishing Your Book Publishing Studio

When I published my first book, the process was so stressful that by the end of it; It was difficult to read my book. I went over my book so many times, and read my words so much, I could not stand to look at them anymore.

The creativity, perseverance, and drive it takes to write a book are commendable. It’s a goal many people aspire to, but never reach. I originally thought of going the traditionally published route, however I didn´t want to spend years begging a company to green light my book.

The time, effort, and money I would have to spend attending conferences, sending out query letters, networking with agents etc., I felt would be better spent actually publishing my book. At least I would have something to show for my efforts.

So, I started on the self publishing path.

The industry was fairly new at the time and good information was scarce. There were a few vanity publishers preying on authors that I stayed away from. Many of them have closed and sued out of business by now, but some are still advertising to authors (author beware).

I researched until my eyes burned, but I eventually came up with a plan to publish my book.

I look at publishing my book like a bathroom remodeling job. I´m all excited in the beginning thinking about my new bathroom, then reality sets in when I´m knee deep in drywall, broken tile and water spewing from places it shouldn´t be.

But once the hammer goes through that first wall, the remodeling must continue.

I’ll be honest. Publishing my first book was no fun. I spent countless hours trying to format my book from Microsoft word to the print format for the printers. The weeks I worked on trying to format my manuscript for each ebook platform felt useless, boring and tedious.

Oh, and I edited my book. Big mistake I fully realized that when a review commented on the typos I missed.

Then, I had to market. So much of my energy went into the production of my book ,by the time it came to market my book, I was worn out.

I learned that’s the result of trying to DIY everything. Some things are better left to professionals. Publishing your book is one of them.

That’s when the idea came to bring together professionals to publish books for authors who don´t want, or cannot go the traditionally published route. To help writers who don´t want to tear their hair out like I did, trying to publish their own books.


What We Do

Firebrand Publishing is a full service self publishing and marketing company for authors.



At Firebrand Publishing our mission is to help purpose driven writers share their unique perspective with the world, without losing control of their message, publish their book. We offer a one stop shop to take your book from word document to a published author. Our goal is to help our author clients take their book from concept to published, all within a reasonable timeframe (apx. 90 days). We believe that publishing your own book can be overwhelming and complicated, so we strive to make the process as simple as possible.


We Know How Much Effort You Put in your Book

Working with Firebrand publishing allows writers to have control over how their books are published rather than having someone else decide.



Our Reputation

Firebrand Publishing in Atlanta, GA was founded in 2011. The first published book was written by KayAnna Kirby and published in May of that year. Since then, Firebrand has produced books for authors across a wide variety of subjects including history, religion, romance, memoirs, self-help guides, inspirational, urban fiction, as well as children’s books.

At Firebrand Publishing, we help purpose driven writers who want to share their unique perspective with the world, without losing control of their message.

You want to contribute to Diverse Books

There’s little doubt that publishing lacks diversity — not only the content and target audience but also the creators of that content, as well as the many gatekeepers such as reviewers and editors who control its publication.

Breaking down gender, racial, sexuality, age, background, religious or disability barriers and pushing for diversity is important. 

You have a Story To tell

70 per cent of what we learn is through stories - It makes perfect sense. We are hard-wired for narrative - it’s how the human brain works, how we make sense of the world and our lives.

Telling your story - with all its challenges, mistakes, failures, pain, setbacks as well as its joys, successes and victories - says something about what it means to be human. Telling your story can even inspire others to take the first step on their path.

Coaches & Consultants

As a coach or consultant, you know how important authority and differentiating yourself from your competitors is. When you publish a print book, where you can “tout” your expertise at conferences, it will increase your influence, and gain you more respect from potential customers and your competition.

Entrepreneurs & Social Leaders

As an entrepreneur or social/thought leader, you have many lessons from experience to share with an audience ready to learn from you. Share your perspective, values and lessons so you can differentiate from your competition, impress your customers (or leads) and win.

Children's Book Writers

Producing a book for the littlest among us is noble. Imparting values and teaching our children is one of the most important tasks of a society. However, getting from a story to an illustrated children’s book is filled with expensive and wasteful traps. If you publish your children’s book with Firebrand Publishing you will get impressive custom illustrations published in a memorable children’s book.

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