Firebrand Publishing is backed by professionals who live and breathe book publishing.

We believe that there’s never been a more challenging—or rewarding—time to publish your book and share your perspective with the world.

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Congratulations on taking the next step in your successful writing career. We are a company grounded on service and integrity. By partnering with us, you automatically give your book and your writing career the very best publishing and promotion quality available.

As authors know, it’s nearly impossible to make the effort necessary to write your book, publish it, promote yourself and your book, and do all necessary follow up during the marketing and sales process. Firebrand is here to help you accomplish all of the publishing and marketing aspects of selling your book. This allows you to do what you want. Live your purpose!

So often an author puts their very best effort into publishing their book, only to find they’re met with two initial hurdles. A company that wants and requires ownership of your work to publish, and wants a very high percentage of the sales profits, or a company who takes your money, and doesn’t do what they said they would.

FireBrand is here to eliminate these problems. We understand, your book is your baby. You’ve put everything into it, and your book project requires the very best service, professional applications and handling, and personal attention from a company that cares about your success. We’re continuing to build on that service model, and our reputation for excellence and integrity with every author we publish.

So, join the FireBrand Publishing group. Own your book, and all it’s profits. Publish your book with confidence. Let FireBrand show you possibilities and strategies you may not know exist. See what dedicated professionals working on your project means to you.

Thank you for your trust and your business.

It’s an exciting time to publish your book

Firebrand Publishing is a full service self publishing and marketing company for authors. We specialize in producing professional self published books for our author clients.

We are a group of talented people united in the success of our authors. We understand it can be difficult getting a book published, whichever path you choose. At Firebrand Publishing we make it easy, and fun.

Technology has changed everything! With e-readers, tablets, laptops, computers and smartphones, how the public reads has moved digital. For those that want to have a print edition of their book, technology has drastically reduced the cost of printing your book.

After the initial excitement of choosing to publish your own book, you realize all the steps necessary to publish a quality book.

It can seem daunting, but it should not stop you from taking part in the exciting world of self publishing. That’s where we come in!


We exist to help purpose driven individuals who want to share their unique perspective with the world, without losing control of their message publish their books. We are a comprehensive publishing company. We offer a one stop shop to take your book from word document to published author.