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Self Publishing Cost Calculator


Self Publishing Cost Calculator

There’s no way around it. It costs money to self publish a professional book that will help you reach your goals, regardless if your goals are financial or social.

However, you shouldn’t look at self publishing your book as a cost, but as an investment. An investment means you will receive a return for your efforts and money.

Your self-published book becomes a product that you can sell or use as an incentive for your business or your authority.

The goals you have for publishing your book are exciting, but can be surprising when you see the investment needed to publish your book.

Remember, Traditional Publishers handle the costs of publishing books. Therefore, authors never knew or saw behind the scenes. Authors never understood the work and craftsmanship that goes into producing a sellable book.

What kind of book are you willing to represent you? When you self publish your book, your product (book) represents you. It makes sense to make sure you produce a professional book.

So, while all self publishers pay to have their books produced, remember you are making an investment.

Instantly, find out the Cost of Self Publishing your book using this pricing calculator.

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