How To Get A Book Published

We help independent authors publish their own book in 90 days

so they can inspire, motivate and entertain others, without compromising their .... art, standards, or integrity

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Get Published

  • Do you want to inspire and motivate other people to success and triumph through your story?
  • Do you want to entertain other people with your story?
  • or, Do you want to have a legacy, a written story about who you were, your belief systems and culture, for generations to come?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, you've arrived at the right place.

There has never been a better time in history to publish a book, so you can express yourself, get heard and forever become a part of the human literary library.

Book Publishing Technology has advanced so fast, it's hard to keep up.

...and, the internet...the internet has opened up the entire world as one big marketplace. Your readers can now come from all over the world.

Don't make the huge mistake, and waste this opportunity to join the ranks of Authors through time.

Don't miss the chance to express yourself, be heard and influence others.

Why should you publish a book?

  • Authority: When people see you as a published author of a book, you get instant credibility and authority.
  • Speaking Arrangements: A book can help you get speaking engagements. A published book is solid proof that you are an expert in your field.
  • Easier Business Transactions: You can send an autographed copy of your book to a prospect. It breaks the ice and makes your business negotiations easier.
  • Get Your Dream Job: If you are an author, it's a clear sign that you know your field. Your chances of getting your dream job goes up dramatically, when you're an author.
  • Made A Difference In The World: What better way to share your message, and your passion for helping others, than to write and publish your book?
  • Influence: By becoming a published author, you now have the power to spread your message and transform lives, everywhere you go.

How To Get A Book Published

The good news is, if you want to publish a book, you have options. With Manuscript in hand, you can:

  • Look For a Traditional Book Publisher to publish your book for you.
  • Publish Your Book Yourself.

With both options, you will become a published author. With both options you can become a successful and wealthy author and influencer.

But both options carry very different journeys.

The world of book publishing has changed

Getting your book traditionally published where a Publisher takes the risk of publishing the work of an unknown and unproven author is getting harder and harder.

For most successful authors it takes many years searching for, then pitching literary agents to get representation.

Then, more time "shopping" for a publisher before their book is approved to be published.

self publish book publishing service

Does your book deserve to be published?

You and your readers should decide if your book deserves to be published!

Not some stranger who knows nothing about you, nothing about your story, or your life experience.

Will they approve of you and your story?

Statistics say, they will not.

But...what if they do, and you are allowed to publish your book?
...But, what if they don't?

Do you want to wait years trying to find the answer?

Or, do you want to take your hard work and your future in your hands and publish your own book?

Introducing Book Publishing Services

For Independent Authors
self publish book editing

Book Editing Services

Finally! Expert book editing services made affordable and easy for independent authors. If you want to turn your book from good to great, use our book editing services by premium Editors to transform your book into a masterpiece.
self publish book cover design services

Book Cover Design Services

Book Cover Design service, to guarantee your book stands above the crowd. An amazing book cover is your best sales tool. Our Experienced designers will turn your vision along with their expert advice into your ideal book cover. Our designers will create a book cover you will be proud of. Check out your options
self publish book publishing packages

Book Publishing Packages

From manuscript to published book. Firebrand Publishing covers all of your book publishing requirements – eBooks, printed books, Print On Demand, global distribution, direct-to-reader sales, as well as design, & book marketing services. If you want a one stop shop to publish your book. Check out the following book publishing packages.
self publish book marketing services

Book Marketing Services

After you publish your book, the real "fun" begins 🙂

On a serious note, any author will tell you, marketing and selling your book is the HARDEST part of being an author. Many author's are reluctant to get out there and push their work for many reasons.

Mainly because they don't know where to start. With Firebrand Publishing's signature Blueprint to Bestseller Marketing Solution, your book can reach a bigger audience and earn you more sales.

Who is Firebrand Publishing and why should you use our book publishing services?

Since 2013, the team at Firebrand Publishing has helped independent authors publish their books, so they can have their voices heard without wasting hundreds of hours learning to master every, single aspect of book production!

We have published books from Non-Fiction to Children's Books. We have the experience to take your work from manuscript to a professionally published book in less than 90 days.

We bring to life your vision and how you want your book presented to the world.

publish your own book

What our customers have to Say

I have always wanted to become and author, and Firebrand Publishing made my dream come true. They guided me through the entire process and I am now holding in my hand, my book, my published book. I am very happy

  • Denise

I have nothing but praise for Firebrand Publishing. They went above and beyond publishing my book. The service was great and I am so proud of my book, and proud to be a published author.

Trish Kaye Lleon


Excellent  service. My project was a tremendous success

  • Sam Wright

Some Of Work::
High quality professionally published books

This book, your book, your ticket to the front of the line will stand up against any New York Times Bestseller. This means your published book from Firebrand Publishing will be of high quality and professional. View some of our work.

Experts to professionally publish your book

Firebrand Publishing has the right professionals to bring your book to life. You are not alone. Your personalized project manager works with you through the entire process of publishing your book. We guide you, but will never take over your work. Furthermore, you don't have to become a graphic designer, editor, typesetter and conversion specialist to be able to publish your book.
firebrand publishing services team
self publishing royalties

100% Royalties for every book sold

You never have to worry about using our independent publishing services AND only getting paid a percentage of your sales. NO WAY! For every single book you sell, you will receive 100% of your profits (Royalties). It's your book, your earnings.

100%, No Questions Asked, Take-It-To-The-Bank Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t love your book you get your money back. We will work until we make you happy. Our no fuss money back guarantee protects you and your investment.
self publishing company with a guarantee
self publishing royalties

Publish Your Book- Start Today

"Many a false step was made by standing still."
~Chinese Proverb

Now is the right time to start on your publishing journey. Today is the right time to publish your book.

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