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Go from manuscript to published

Publish a Book and become a Published Author in just 90 days

Firebrand Publishing offers a completely done-for-you service that transforms your writing into a powerful, and impressive published ebook, print & audio book. Whether you want to publish to:

Elevate your status in your industry
Leave a legacy for your loved ones
Entertain readers with your unique story
Tell the stories of your culture and help bring diversity to books

Firebrand Publishing has a proven publishing framework to publish your book in 90 days so you can fulfill your purpose without compromising your message.

Full Control Over Pricing & Royalties

100% royalties/profits on all books sold. You decide the price of your title.

Full Control Of Your Work

You keep all rights to your work. You have creative control over the contents of your title.

Sell Your Books Direct

Print your own books at wholesale cost pricing. Sell your books directly on your website or locally.

Personal Service

Work one-on-one with your publishing project manager to create a book you will be proud of.

At Firebrand Publishing, we help purpose driven writers who want to share their unique perspective with the world, without losing control of their message.

You want to contribute to Diverse Books

There’s little doubt that publishing lacks diversity — not only the content and target audience but also the creators of that content, as well as the many gatekeepers such as reviewers and editors who control its publication.

Breaking down gender, racial, sexuality, age, background, religious or disability barriers and pushing for diversity is important. 

You have a Story To tell

70 per cent of what we learn is through stories - It makes perfect sense. We are hard-wired for narrative - it’s how the human brain works, how we make sense of the world and our lives.

Telling your story - with all its challenges, mistakes, failures, pain, setbacks as well as its joys, successes and victories - says something about what it means to be human. Telling your story can even inspire others to take the first step on their path.

Coaches & Consultants

As a coach or consultant, you know how important authority and differentiating yourself from your competitors is. When you publish a print book, you can “tout” your expertise at conferences, and it will increase your influence, and gain you more respect from potential customers and your competition.

Entrepreneurs & Social Leaders

As an entrepreneur or social/thought leader, you have many lessons from experience to share with an audience ready to learn from you. Share your perspective, values and lessons so you can differentiate yourself from your competition, impress your customers (or leads) and win.

Children's Book Writers

Producing a book for the littlest among us is noble. Imparting values and teaching our children is one of the most important tasks of a society. However, getting from a story to an illustrated children’s book is filled with expensive and wasteful traps. If you publish your children’s book with Firebrand Publishing, you can rest assured that you will get impressive custom illustrations published in a memorable children’s book.

everything you need to go from manuscript to a professionally published book

Professional Publishing Packages

Book Editing

Publish The Best Possible Version Of Your Story

Manuscript Editing
Book Cover Design

Our designs will make your title stand out among the crowd!

Book Cover Design
Interior Formatting. Conversions
Book Distribution. Marketing
Children's Picture Books. Illustrations

Our Publishing approach

Publishing a book can be a complicatedexpensive and completely frustrating process.

The technology and access to publish is available, but you have to be knowledgeable in every aspect of graphic design, editing, typesetting, import, distribution and fulfillment to publish your manuscript.

The learning curve is steep, expensive and time-consuming. Unless you have the time, money and knowledge to publish a professional book, worthy of your story and your readers hard earned money, it’s best to hire professionals.

The smart decision is to have professionals like Firebrand Publishing handle the publishing production for you.

Publishing Process

What to expect when you publish with Firebrand Publishing


Each book publishing project is unique. That’s why we take the time to find out what you want to accomplish.

By focusing on your goals, we can deliver a book that stays true to your message.

A one-on-one consultation with your personal publishing manager. We’ll discuss your book, your vision and publishing goals.

We will also go over the publishing schedule of your book project and your preferences for your book cover, graphics, blurbs.

You will fall in love with your published book because it will be even better than you thought it could be. 

Research & Strategy

To stay focused on your goals, we evaluate your project and recommend the best methods for you to reach your audience.

This includes cover graphics, blurbs, descriptions and category listings that will get attention from your unique audience.

Book Production

We crank up the Firebrand Machine

We crank up the Firebrand machine. Your Project Manager (P3) coordinates work between our professional cover designers, editors, and administrative staff to produce a professional book.

After every milestone in the process, you determine whether we move on to the next step. If you want to change anything, let your P3 know, and it shall be done.

Once you approve the complete production of your book, retailers around the world put it up for sale.

Publishing Steps

  1. Editing–to correct errors and typos.
  2. Copyediting–to correct spelling and grammar.
  3. Typesetting–to choose the best font and layout for your book.
  4. Formatting–to convert your manuscript to different formats ready for sale.
  5. Graphic Design –to create the cover art for your cover and advertising.
  6. Distribution–to distribute your finished book to retailers.
  7. Marketing–to advertise and market to readers.
  8. … and more
Launch & Marketing

We work with you to create a launch plan to get your published book out into the world. Once published you receive 100% royalties from each sale. 

Your Book Available* At Leading Book Retailers around the world. e.g.

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We offer a completely done-for-you service that transforms your writing into a powerful, memorable and impressive published print and eBook.

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